4 Common Signs Your Computer is Overheating


There are plenty of reasons a computer can overheat. You might be working it too hard, dust might have infiltrated the machine, or the computer might simply be getting on in years. In any case, overheating is a serious problem. At first, it might simply slow down your processing speeds a little, but it can lead to severe damage – even total hard drive failure – if you don't sort the issue out as soon as possible.

22 January 2018

3 Surprising Signs That Your Computer Has a Virus


Having a virus on your computer is not just annoying, it's actually dangerous. A virus may work to extract private information from your computer, including account numbers and passwords when you log into your bank, or card numbers when you pay for something online. A virus doesn't always just shut down your computer but can show itself in a few other insidious ways. Note a few of these here so you can get your computer to a technician for repair as soon as possible.

25 January 2016

The Basics of Data Cabling for Beginners


Data cabling is a basic term required for using different types of cables to hook up electronic devices to a network. If you run a small business, you might need to know more about the cables used and when they are needed, such as coaxial cables and fibre optic cables. Here is more information about some cables you will come across and how to decide which ones are best. Types of Data Cables

20 January 2016