3 Surprising Signs That Your Computer Has a Virus


Having a virus on your computer is not just annoying, it's actually dangerous. A virus may work to extract private information from your computer, including account numbers and passwords when you log into your bank, or card numbers when you pay for something online. A virus doesn't always just shut down your computer but can show itself in a few other insidious ways. Note a few of these here so you can get your computer to a technician for repair as soon as possible.

1. Posts and messages not from you

If you see posts on your Facebook page or other social media site that you didn't make, this can be a virus at work. These posts usually include links that they want your friends and family on social media to click; when they do, their computer is also infected.

You might also notice people replying to emails you didn't send or telling you about messages that you know you didn't compose. These too often contain links that someone is meant to click. When these things happen, usually your computer is reacting to a virus.

2. Security features don't run

If you try to open your security software program or shut down your computer and nothing happens, this is often the work of a virus. When a virus is planted in your computer, it wants to stay hidden; locking out your security program or preventing you from shutting down the computer can keep you from identifying the virus and getting rid of it. If you notice that security shortcuts like holding down the control, alt, and delete keys at once don't work, this too is often a sign of a virus.

3. Program warning, with a price

If your internet connection suddenly freezes with a warning message that you have a virus, that law enforcement has detected illegal activity, or anything else, and says that you need to pay a fee to have these removed and operate your computer again, don't fall for it. This is a common scam of a virus; once it has your credit card number, the virus makers may or may not remove the program from your computer, but they are very likely to use that card number for themselves. When your own software warns you of a virus, this is very different and usually safe; however, when you see a virus warning with a price tag attached, have this checked out by a professional.

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to contact a computer repair professional as soon as possible. 


25 January 2016

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