4 Common Signs Your Computer is Overheating


There are plenty of reasons a computer can overheat. You might be working it too hard, dust might have infiltrated the machine, or the computer might simply be getting on in years. In any case, overheating is a serious problem. At first, it might simply slow down your processing speeds a little, but it can lead to severe damage – even total hard drive failure – if you don't sort the issue out as soon as possible.

That's why you should pay attention to these four common signs of overheating.

1. Fast or Noisy Fan

Your computer will contain a fan that turns to draw cool air in and expel the hot air created through the device's operation. It's possible for that fan to fail, and it's often relatively easy to tell when it is doing so. If you notice that your computer's fan seems to be running very fast for extended periods, or if it makes a lot of noise as it turns, that means it's struggling to keep the interior cool.

2. Slow Operation

The more programs you run and tabs you have open, the harder your computer needs to work. Unnecessary heat is created when you put such strain on your computer's processing power. But even basic operations can end up straining the machine if your computer is prone to overheating. Even when you're only using a single browser and running no other programs, the device can start to struggle. If operation is slow under light use, overheating is probably the root cause.

3. Unexplained Crashes

Your computer measures its interior temperature. If it senses an overheating issue, it will automatically shut itself down or reboot to prevent damage to internal components. This can be very frustrating for the user since all work will usually be lost, but remember that it's a sign of underlying problems rather than a random occurrence. There are other reasons why a computer might shut down or reboot by itself, but overheating is one of the most common.

4. Pixelated Lines

One part of your computer particularly prone to overheating is the graphics card. Even if it is in good working order, it can suffer problems if it grows too hot. When this happens, your screen may look a little strange for a few seconds. In most cases, the screen will look too pixelated or show colourful streaks. Even if this only happens once or twice for a couple of seconds, it's a symptom worth taking seriously.

For more information or help, contact computer services in your area.


22 January 2018

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